Monday, December 23, 2013

CHARITIES - How to Choose One That Really Works

Note that I'm a believer that if you are truly charitable you do NOT take a tax deduction.  Charity means giving without expecting a return.

"How to choose a charity that really delivers" PBS Newshour 12/22/2013


JOHN LARSON:  And now to a topic on the minds of many this time of year: charitable giving.  Studies show that Americans are among the most generous in the world, but donations are partially fueled by tax deductions.  And for some time now, there’s been talk about capping those deductions.  For more about all of this, we are joined now by Ken Berger.  He’s the CEO of Charity Navigator, which rates how effective charities are at actually getting donations to those in need.  Ken, thanks so much for joining us.

KEN BERGER:  Thank you for having me.

JOHN LARSON:  First of all, that cap on deductions, it’s not the law of the land yet, but if it should become law, what do you anticipate the effect would be?

KEN BERGER:  Well, there’s some debate on that, but essentially, billions of dollars less will be given to charity, most likely.  The percent of the overall is in question, but certainly billions of dollars less would be given to charity.

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