Monday, December 23, 2013

FRANCE - Hyper-Sexualization of Young Girls?

Here is a subject, and solution, I can agree with.  I wish the U.S.A. would follow suite.

"Will France ban childhood beauty pageants?" PBS Newshour 12/21/2013


WILLIAM BRANGHAM:  In the public imagination, France is renowned for many things: its cuisine…its culture… as well as a very open embrace of female beauty.

You can’t walk a city block in Paris without seeing the scantily clad models showcasing France’s high fashion industry.  This is the nation that gave us Brigit Bardot And Catherine Deneuve, and welcomed former supermodel Carla Bruni as its first lady… this after her many years modeling with very little – or nothing at all -- on.

Given all that, it’s maybe a bit surprising that a controversy has erupted in France over what some argue is the ‘hyper-sexualization” of young girls…. Girls like 9 year old Anais Agogue… Anais regularly competes in what are called “mini miss pageants.”

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