Friday, October 25, 2013

DIPLOMACY - The 'Outrage Theater' About U.S. Spying on Friends

First, lets be realistic all nations spy on each other.  Been that way for ages.  The only thing that happened here is we (U.S.) got outed by traitor Edward Snowden.

"Will fallout of 'spying on friends' allegations help change U.S. surveillance?" PBS Newshour 10/24/2013


SUMMARY:  At a European Union summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel characterized the reported American monitoring of her cellphone as a "severe breach of trust."  Jeffrey Brown gets background from Margaret Warner and Luke Baker of Reuters about how European leaders are responding to U.S. spying allegations.

MARGARET WARNER (Newshour):  And they believe it's explained by the fact that every country knows that even friendly countries spy on one another's leaders, but the fact that it is so very public.  That said, it has been embarrassing to the White House.  The President has had to spend this time making phone calls to Hollande, President Hollande, to President Merkel, promising this review of the way intelligence is collected.

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