Thursday, October 24, 2013

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT - Federal Health Insurance Exchange Web Site Fix?

Being a retired Computer Specialist and IT Technician, with some experience in programming, weather or not a 'fix' adds more complication has to do with WHO actually does the fix.

One potential problem I can see today is putting a political manager in charge of fixing Obama Care.  A person with experience in computer and system ENGINEERING should be in charge.

A manager is NOT what is needed.

PS:  The type of testing in the discussions is called Beta-Testing, so consumers are Beta-Testers.

"Will the rush to correct the health care website problems add more complication?" PBS Newshour 10/23/2013


SUMMARY:  The Obama administration has said it is making efforts to improve the health care website, but tech experts warn the problems are far from fixed.  For more on what contributed to the flawed launch and the challenges ahead, Hari Sreenivasan speaks with John Engates of RackSpace and Bill Curtis of CAST Software.

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