Monday, March 22, 2021

RACE IN AMERICA - Georgia Shootings

"Congress holds first hearing on Asian American violence in decades amid ‘crisis point’PBS NewsHour 3/18/2021


SUMMARY:  Fear and fallout from this week's deadly shootings in Atlanta have echoed across the country.  While investigators have not confirmed a motive in the attack that killed eight, including six Asian women, many across the country have deemed it a hate crime.  Lawmakers held a hearing on the issue of hate crimes against Asians in Washington today.  Lisa Desjardins has the story.



"‘This day was coming:’ Lawmaker says year of anti-Asian rhetoric led to Georgia shootingsPBS NewsHour 3/18/2021


SUMMARY:  After this week's shootings in Atlanta, we explore the congressional response to rising violence against Asian Americans with Democratic Rep. Judy Chu of California.  Chu is the chair of the congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and testified on the “crisis point that cannot be ignored” at a Capitol Hill hearing Thursday.

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