Monday, March 22, 2021

JOBS IN AMERICA - As Nationwide Unemployment Grows......

"As nationwide unemployment grows, Rhode Island steps in to help residents find workPBS NewsHour 3/18/2021


SUMMARY:  This week marked the 52nd straight week of high unemployment claims, with numbers rising as more than a million people filed for state and emergency federal unemployment benefits across the country.  One state, Rhode Island, is working to reverse that trend by matching several thousand job-seeking residents with potential employers.  Paul Solman has the story for our series, "Work Shift."



"Stockton, California, gave residents a guaranteed income.  Here’s what happenedPBS NewsHour 3/21/2021


SUMMARY:  What would happen if you gave people $500 a month, no strings attached?  Stockton, California set out to answer that question two years ago as one of the first U.S. towns to pilot a Universal Basic Income program.  Former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the findings of this social and economic experiment — and what it could mean for America’s future.

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