Monday, February 01, 2021

THE GOP - Identity Crisis?

IMHO:  Republicans may be a lost cause.  They have sold their souls to Donald Trump for power, all they want is an advantage in future elections by pandering to Trump's base.  Problem is Trumps' base have proven themselves to be undemocratic and launched an insurrection against our American government, is that the image the GOP really wants?

"With Trump out of office, the Republican Party is having an identity crisisPBS NewsHour 1/28/2021


SUMMARY:  The Republican Party is out of power on Capitol Hill and deeply divided on issues from the attack on the Capitol to the impeachment of former President Trump.  Denver Riggleman, a former Republican congressman and chief strategist at the Network Contagion Research Institute; and Whit Ayres, the president of North Star Opinion Research, join Judy Woodruff to discuss.

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