Monday, February 01, 2021

COVID-19 VACCINE - Distribution

"What is driving the disparities in vaccine distribution?PBS NewsHour 1/25/2021


SUMMARY:  There have been more than 40 million Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses delivered around the U.S. thus far, with more than half of those administered.  But while the pace has increased, the rates of vaccination vary widely by states and counties.  Dr. Jennifer Kates, senior Vice President and Director of Global Health at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, joins Amna Nawaz to discuss.



"Biden’s latest executive actions take on vaccine distribution, racial inequalityPBS NewsHour 1/26/2021


SUMMARY:  President Biden is moving on new fronts in his latest spate of policy actions Tuesday that include boosting COVID vaccine supplies and addressing racial equity.  Biden's actions come as the U.S. Senate gears up to put his predecessor on trial.  Lisa Desjardins and Yamiche Alcindor report.



"With high-risk populations, vaccinations lag at long-term care facilitiesPBS NewsHour 1/26/2021


SUMMARY:  By one count nursing homes and assisted-living facilities account for about 6 percent of COVID cases but 40 percent of virus-related deaths.  Now some state officials are worried vaccinations are moving on to other parts of the populations before long-term care residents and staff are inoculated.  David Grabowski, health care policy professor at Harvard Medical School, joins John Yang to discuss.



"In Ohio, putting boots on the ground to overcome inequities in vaccinationsPBS NewsHour 1/27/2021


SUMMARY:  A recent analysis by Kaiser Health News finds Black and Latino citizens are getting vaccines at significantly lower rates in many states.  This is especially worrying given disparities in COVID-19 death rates, with Black, Indigenous and Latino people dying at much higher rates than white people.  Dr. Mysheika Roberts, Public Health Commissioner of Columbus [Public Health], Ohio, joins Stephanie Sy to discuss.



"For some Americans, finding a vaccine involves anger, frustration and anxietyPBS NewsHour 1/28/2021


SUMMARY:  More than 25 million shots of a COVID vaccine have been given out, or about 8 doses for every 100 people.  But the process can be difficult and overwhelming.  Here's a sampling of what some Americans say they are facing as they attempt to get vaccinated.



"How to protect yourself from the new coronavirus strainsPBS NewsHour 1/28/2021


SUMMARY:  There are now several troubling variants of the coronavirus circulating, and a few seem to make the virus more contagious.  One variant , the United Kingdom strain, is also more likely to make people sick or to kill them.  The CDC believes that strain will become dominant in the U.S. as soon as March.  William Brangham reports on what experts say about avoiding exposure.



"New vaccines show promise amid concerns over coronavirus variantsPBS NewsHour 1/29/2021


SUMMARY:  New vaccines created by Johnson & Johnson and Novavax are showing promising results in reducing illness caused by the coronavirus, though they were less effective than other vaccines and against some virus variants, which are causing growing concerns.  White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor reports.



"Fauci on the efficacy of new vaccines and preparing for coronavirus variantsPBS NewsHour 1/29/2021


SUMMARY:  The drive to get more coronavirus vaccines into more arms is gaining momentum, with two new COVID vaccines possibly accelerating the effort.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH and a top adviser to President Biden on the pandemic, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the efficacy of the new vaccines and preparing for the virus variants.

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