Monday, June 10, 2019

UNITED KINGDOM - Buffoon at Buckingham Palace

"How Trump’s UK state visit is breaking norms" PBS NewsHour 6/3/2019


SUMMARY:  Even before he landed at Buckingham Palace, President Trump had caused a stir in the United Kingdom.  Crowds gathered to protest the state visit by Trump, who recently renewed his feud with London’s mayor, insulted a member of the royal family, and shattered diplomatic protocol by weighing in on British politics.  Yamiche Alcindor reports on political fragility in the UK during Trump's trip.

"How Trump’s ‘brash brand of politics’ is playing with British audiences" PBS NewsHour 6/4/2019


SUMMARY:  After Monday’s royal welcome of President Trump in the UK, Tuesday was reserved for business and a final meeting with outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May.  Trump took jabs at London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, and also said he didn’t see much in the way of crowds protesting his visit.  Yamiche Alcindor reports and talks to Judy Woodruff from London.

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