Monday, June 10, 2019


"In Normandy, gratitude and grief ahead of D-Day’s 75th anniversary" PBS NewsHour 6/5/2019


SUMMARY:  In 1944, thousands of Allied soldiers landed on five different beaches in Normandy.  The operation set the stage for liberation of German-occupied France during World War II.  For those who participated in the critical mission, the challenges they faced and the losses they suffered will never disappear.  Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant speaks to veterans commemorating D-Day's 75th anniversary.

"On the shores of Normandy, world leaders honor the living and the lost" PBS NewsHour 6/6/2019


SUMMARY:  Seventy-five years ago [today], tens of thousands of American, European and Canadian soldiers waded ashore France’s foggy northern coast to achieve a pivotal victory against Nazi Germany.  In honor of the milestone D-Day anniversary, President Trump and other leaders convened at the American cemetery above the bloodiest landing site: Omaha Beach.  Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports from Normandy.

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