Monday, December 10, 2018

TRUMP ORGANIZATION - Latest on Flynn/Cohen/Manafort

Trump Nightmare

"What’s in the latest court filings about Cohen, Manafort" PBS NewsHour 12/7/2018


SUMMARY:  The Mueller team has released new details regarding its interactions with Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen.  According to court filings, former Trump lawyer Cohen informed investigators about contact among Russia, the Trump Organization and the Trump campaign, while Manafort lied about four topics, including his contact with the administration.  William Brangham joins Judy Woodruff.

"How the latest Cohen filings could get ‘close to the President’" PBS NewsHour 12/7/2018


SUMMARY:  Two court filings Friday reveal new information about Michael Cohen.  Judy Woodruff speaks with Jessica Roth, law professor at Yeshiva University and a former federal prosecutor, about the differences between how Mueller and the Southern District of New York characterize Cohen, Russian “synergy” with the Trump campaign and potential overlap between Trump's political and business interests.

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