Monday, December 24, 2018


"What’s next in the showdown over a government shutdown?" PBS NewsHour 12/18/2018


SUMMARY:  In a reversal from its previous demands, the White House is signaling openness to a funding bill that would avoid a government shutdown, even if it doesn't include $5 billion for a border wall.  Days before a partial shutdown would take effect, Judy Woodruff talks to Yamiche Alcindor and Politico’s Jake Sherman about the ongoing negotiations and why congressional Democrats are feeling “heartened.”

"Where Congress stands now on government shutdown" PBS NewsHour 12/20/2018


SUMMARY:  The GOP's short-term spending deal to fund the government until February was expected to be solidified Thursday.  Instead, Congress erupted into chaos as President Trump declared he wouldn't sign bill, resuming his insistence that $5 billion be allocated for a border wall.  As the deadline to avoid a government shutdown looms, Yamiche Alcindor and Lisa Desjardins discuss with Judy Woodruff.

"On Capitol Hill, partial government shutdown all but guaranteed" PBS NewsHour 12/21/2018


SUMMARY:  On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are now expecting a partial government shutdown to take effect at midnight, after it became clear that Senate Republicans didn't have the votes to pass a funding bill the House approved.  Yamiche Alcindor and Lisa Desjardins join Judy Woodruff to discuss ongoing negotiations, the President's motives, why Democratic confidence is rising and what a shutdown would mean.

"Day one of partial federal shutdown: Things go ‘from bad to worse’" PBS NewsHour 12/22/2018


SUMMARY:  The federal government started a partial shutdown through Christmas, escalating a showdown over $5 billion for a border wall between President Trump and Congressional Democrats.  Hundreds of thousands of government employees were unable to work and the impacts will only get worse.  Washington Post reporter Damian Paletta joins Megan Thompson from D.C. for the latest.

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