Monday, November 19, 2018

CALIFORNIA - From Paradise to 'Hell'

"From Paradise to ‘hell,’ California fires blaze statewide" PBS NewsHour 11/12/2018


SUMMARY:  Over a dozen active fires continue to wreak destruction across California, from the northern part of the state to Malibu and Oak Park outside Los Angeles.  Nearly a quarter million people have been displaced and hundreds are missing.  Amidst dry, windy weather, 8,000 firefighters statewide struggle to contain the blazes.  Mary MacCarthy of Feature Story News joins Judy Woodruff with the latest.

"Responders to Northern California fires face ‘unprecedented’ ordeal" PBS NewsHour 11/12/2018


SUMMARY:  A ‘monumental’ ordeal lies ahead for authorities dealing with fires in Northern California.  Sheriff Kory Honea, who is also the coroner of Butte County, and his colleagues must lead evacuation efforts, attempt to locate missing people and tragically, sift through the ruins for bodies -- which are difficult to identify due to the intensity of the flames.  He speaks by phone with Judy Woodruff.

"After the flames, California recovery crews face grim search for victims" PBS NewsHour 11/13/2018


SUMMARY:  In California, the effort to control two major wildfires remains a struggle.  Northern California's Camp Fire has become the deadliest fire in the state's history, claiming at least 42 lives and covering nearly 200 square miles.  Meanwhile, the Woolsey Fire in the southern part of the state remains 35 percent contained but has left 200,000 people under evacuation orders.  William Brangham reports.

"The science behind California’s surging wildfires" PBS NewsHour 11/13/2018


SUMMARY:  As three major fires blaze in California, we consider some of their causes, both human and meteorological.  Science correspondent Miles O’Brien has been filming a NOVA documentary on megafires and witnessed the Camp Fire not long after it began.  He joins William Brangham to describe that stunning experience, along with the broader scientific context around these destructive phenomena.

"Fire recovery continues across California, as new fire blazes east of LA" PBS NewsHour 11/14/2018


SUMMARY:  Fifty miles east of Los Angeles, a brush fire has quickly grown into a wall of fast-moving flames.  The new “Sierra Fire” is spreading south from the edge of the Angeles National Forest, though firefighters say they’re making gains against the blaze.  Meanwhile, 100 more National Guard troops arrived in Northern California to search for people missing after the Camp Fire and help identify victims.

"Paradise gone, wildfire evacuees faced with rebuilding their lives" PBS NewsHour 11/15/2018


SUMMARY:  In the tally of death and destruction from California's Camp fire, officials confirm that 56 people died, 130 are missing and 8,800 homes have been destroyed in the town of Paradise.  Special correspondent Cat Wise reports from Chico, California, where a Walmart parking lot is now home to hundreds of evacuees who are left with nothing and unsure of where to go.

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