Monday, April 02, 2018

KOREA - High-Stakes Diplomacy

"Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping hold high-stakes visit in secret" PBS NewsHour 3/28/2018


SUMMARY:  The leaders of China and North Korea held an unofficial summit this week, waiting until Wednesday to announce it to the world.  Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping came face-to-face for the first time in Beijing, Kim first venture abroad since he became North Korea's supreme leader in 2011.  Judy Woodruff reports on how both countries have characterized the visit.

"What does Kim Jong Un's China visit mean for the U.S.?" PBS NewsHour 3/28/2018


SUMMARY:  Why did North Korean leader Kim Jong Un go to China, and what impact will that visit have on its nuclear standoff with the U.S.?  Judy Woodruff gets two views from Michael Pillsbury an adviser to the Trump administration, and Michael Green a former National Security Council staff member.

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