Monday, April 02, 2018

DROUGHT - Cape Town, South Africa

"Cape Town drought limits people to 13 gallons of water a day" PBS NewsHour 3/31/2018


SUMMARY:  Fearing the complete depletion of their water supply amid an extreme drought, officials in South Africa’s second most populous city have limited water consumption to 13 gallons per resident a day.  Police are also fining people for watering their lawns or washing their cars.  NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Martin Seemungal reports on how people are adjusting.

"Cape Town drought is a global harbinger, says NASA scientist" PBS NewsHour 3/31/2018


SUMMARY:  Factors like population growth, income inequality and climate change have exacerbated water related issues around the world.  Abuse and depletion of the natural resource has led to instability and violence in places like Iran, Syria, and Bangladesh as well as crises in the U.S.  Jay Famiglietti, NASA’s senior water scientist, joins Hari Sreenivasan from Los Angeles to discuss the global pattern.

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