Monday, April 24, 2017

TRUMP AGENDA - The 'Black Ops' Government

"Why transparency — on Trump's taxes, visitors and family business — matters" PBS NewsHour 4/18/2017


SUMMARY:  In the Trump administration, questions of transparency start with the President's tax returns and why he's not releasing them.  But there are also questions about White House visitor logs and who's advising the President.  John Yang reports and Judy Woodruff talks to Richard Painter of the University of Minnesota and Noah Bookbinder of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

"A special state visit for Trump sparks outcry in the U.K." PBS NewsHour 4/18/2017


SUMMARY:  When British Prime Minister Theresa May met with President Trump in January, she extended a special honor; an invitation for a state visit, which only two Presidents have received since 1952.  But the President's visit to the U.K.  has become politically fraught, prompting protests and petitions, and every aspect of the trip is in flux.  Special correspondent Ryan Chilcote reports from London.

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