Monday, September 19, 2016


"The U.S. just got a big pay raise.  Why don't we feel it?" PBS NewsHour 9/13/2016


SUMMARY:  It's a major issue on the campaign trail:  American angst about jobs and wages.  New census data from last year shows that for the first time in almost a decade, household incomes in the U.S. have gone up and the poverty rate has gone down.  Lisa Desjardins takes a look at those numbers and at why many Americans feel like they are inconsistent with their experiences.

GWEN IFILL (NewsHour):  This campaign has often focused on the question of economic growth, jobs and wages, particularly for the middle class.

Well, today, there was some good news on that front, as well as for lower-income households.

Lisa Desjardins looks at those latest numbers, and why so many Americans say they don't square with their own experiences.

LISA DESJARDINS (NewsHour):  It is a triple hit of good economic news.  New census data showed that, last year, median income rose 5.2 percent, the number of Americans living in poverty shrank by 3.5 million people, and the percentage of uninsured Americans dropped.

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