Monday, March 21, 2016

ESSAY- Low-Income Student Incentives for College?

"What can motivate low-income high school kids to apply to college?" PBS NewsHour 3/18/2016

COMMENT:   Considering the debt for college a high school student need NOT go directly to a college or can go to a 2yr community college first.  It is OK to wait until one gains more real-life experience and gets a job (especially if it is related to a carrier).


SUMMARY:  This month, many prospective college students are anticipating an admissions decision from their dream school.  Keith Frome, author of “How’s My Kid Doing?” has worked with high school students across the country and believes he has found the key to encouraging them to consider college, peer pressure.  Frome offers his unique take on the college application process.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  Now a “NewsHour” Essay.

This month, many high school seniors have either just learned, or are anxiously waiting to hear, what colleges they might have gotten into.

Education advocate Keith Frome has worked with students across the country, and believes the key to getting more kids to apply to college is peer pressure.

KEITH FROME, Author, “How’s My Kid Doing?”:  One summer weekend, I taught a small group of students from a low-income community how to write their personal statements for their college applications.

Each student would be the first in their family to apply to college, and their ability to tell their stories was going to be critical to their success.

During the three-day retreat, we used a variety of writing techniques to produce memorable, compelling and utterly authentic essays that I knew would stick in the minds of college admission officers.

Returning home, I felt quite satisfied, perhaps a little smugly so, with a job well done, and I proudly shared the compositions with my friends and family.

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