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DRONES - Film "Eye in the Sky"

"‘Eye in the Sky’ film puts the use of drones in the spotlight" PBS NewsHour 3/18/2016


SUMMARY:  One of the most controversial elements of President Obama’s national security policy is the use of drones to kill terrorists.  The newly released movie "Eye in the Sky" provides a front-row seat to the debate taking place among national security officials.  Jeffrey Brown reports on the movie and the implications of the use of drones.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  A movie thriller being released nationally today delves into the practical, legal and moral issues surrounding drone warfare.

Jeffrey Brown is back with that.

ACTOR:  What’s the plan, Captain?

HELEN MIRREN, Actress:  We need to put a Hellfire through that roof right now.

JEFFREY BROWN (NewsHour):  It’s a new kind of warfare, advanced technology that tracks, identifies, and has the power to destroy enemies by remote control from thousands of miles away.

HELEN MIRREN:  We have two suicide vests with explosives inside that house.

JEFFREY BROWN:  But as the film “Eye in the Sky” asks, should it be used?  If so, when, especially if innocent lives may also be taken?

HELEN MIRREN:  Harold, this is a very time-sensitive target.  Do I have authority to strike?

ACTOR:  The rules of engagement you’re operating under only allow for a low collateral damage estimate.

ACTRESS:  Yes.  Yes.

JEFFREY BROWN:  The film follows British military commanders, including Helen Mirren as Colonel Katherine Powell, as they debate with Cabinet officers and politicians over a strike against Al-Shabaab terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya, who appear to be on the verge of a suicide bombing.

ACTOR:  I told you, they came to witness a capture, not a kill.  Give me a capture option.

HELEN MIRREN:  We no longer have a capture option.  Any action on the ground will lead to an armed confrontation, which we will not be able to contain.

JEFFREY BROWN:  Director Gavin Hood, who joined us recently at the E Street Cinema in Washington, has the action play out in real time.

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