Monday, July 06, 2015

GRATEFUL DEAD - Rhythm of the Universe

"From the big bang to cosmic vibrations, Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart plays the rhythm of the universe" PBS NewsHour 7/2/2015


SUMMARY:  Mickey Hart, a well-known drummer for the Grateful Dead, has collaborated with astrophysicists on music that reflects the origins of the universe, and with neuroscientists to figure out how music stimulates different parts of damaged brains.  Special correspondent Mike Cerre follows Hart’s exploration of music and the universe, and our human response to rhythm.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  Tonight, we begin a two-part look at the iconic music group the group Grateful Dead, who are this week preparing for their final reunion concerts in Chicago.

First up, we focus on longtime Dead drummer Mickey Hart and his fascination with finding sounds in the most unlikely places.

Special correspondent Mike Cerre takes us on a very special trip to learn more.

MICKEY HART, Drummer, Grateful Dead:  This is really the sounds of the universe. This is what the cosmos sounds like.

Pythagoras found the secrets of the universe, the rhythm of the universe, the mathematics of the universe through just a long string which vibrated.  If I had any guru, it would have to be Pythagoras, and of course rhythm is the god.

MIKE CERRE (NewsHour):  In the pantheon of rock ‘n’ roll gods, the Grateful Dead have always been known for their somewhat cosmic approach to music.  As one of its founding drummers, Mickey Hart has spent the better part of his professional life outside of the Grateful Dead exploring the cultural and scientific basis of good vibrations.

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