Tuesday, June 23, 2015

U.S. SUPREME COURT - Decisions 6/22/2015

"Rulings on raisins and hotel registries favor individual rights" PBS NewsHour 6/22/2015


SUMMARY:  The Supreme Court today ruled on cases that set boundaries in the government’s power over individuals.  One concerned the government's right to regulate prices of raisins by seizing crops, and another challenged a Los Angeles law requiring hotels to give guest lists to the police.  Gwen Ifill discusses the rulings with Marcia Coyle of The National Law Journal.

GWEN IFILL (NewsHour):  The Supreme Court issued a set of rulings today with a unifying theme, restricting government power and boosting individual rights.

Both cases happened in California.  In one, a Los Angeles hotel owner questioned a city law requiring him to turn guest lists over to police.  Two hundred miles north, in Fresno, another case tested whether the government could seize some of a farmer’s raisin crop in order to control prices.

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