Monday, June 22, 2015

GREED FILES - Cheating Workers on Overtime

"Are bosses cheating workers out of overtime?" PBS NewsHour 6/18/2015


SUMMARY:  If you work more than 40 hours a week, you are supposed to get overtime.  But if you are an “executive” earning more than $23,600 a year, you don’t qualify.  Economics correspondent Paul Solman explores how this loophole can lead to abuse, and whether regulations will be changing anytime soon.

GWEN IFILL (NewsHour):  This month, the administration is expected to revamp workplace rules that would make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay.

Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.  It’s part of our weekly segment, "Making Sense," which airs every Thursday on the “NewsHour.”

ACTOR:  Time to make the donuts.

PAUL SOLMAN (NewsHour):  Fred the Baker…

ACTOR:  Time to make the donuts.

PAUL SOLMAN:  … icon for the freshness of Dunkin’ Donuts more than 30 years ago.

ACTOR:  We make them at least twice every day.

ACTOR:  Time to make the donuts.

PAUL SOLMAN:  Fred was a fiction, but the reality of one Dunkin’ Donuts worker looked a lot like the ads.

GASSAN MARZUQ, Former Dunkin’ Donuts Manager:  I’m working 75 hours a week or 80 hours a week.

PAUL SOLMAN:  For years, Gassan Marzuq worked Fred-like hours as a salaried manager at this outlet outside Boston.  Problem is, he never saw one cent in overtime.

GASSAN MARZUQ:  If you work 40 hours, or if you work 100 hours, it’s the same pay.

PAUL SOLMAN:  Divide Marzuq’s hours by his barely $800-a-week salary, and, on a per-hour basis:

GASSAN MARZUQ:  I’m making only $9, $10 an hour, which is less — even lower than the regular employees, what they are making.

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