Monday, January 30, 2023

MASS SHOOTINGS - Again, and Again, and Again......

#StopTheNRA an American Terrorist Organization

"Community seeks answers after deadly Lunar New Year shooting in CaliforniaPBS NewsHour 1/23/2023


SUMMARY:  Authorities in California are trying to determine the motive behind the shooting in Monterey Park that killed 11 people celebrating the Lunar New YearIt's the deadliest shooting the U.S. has seen since 19 children and two teachers were killed last June in Uvalde, Texas.  Amna Nawaz reports from Monterey Park and spoke with Rep. Judy Chu about the latest community affected by mass gun violence.



"Can gun safety laws make an impact on the frequency of mass shootings?PBS NewsHour 1/23/2023

IMHO:  Not as long as the NRA exists.


SUMMARY:  The tragedy in Monterey Park was the second mass shooting in California in just under a week.  To discuss the laws in that state and the challenges of stopping shootings given the wide availability of guns, Geoff Bennett spoke with Adam Winkler, a professor at the UCLA School of Law where he focuses on constitutional law and gun policy.



"Another community mourns after California’s 2nd mass shooting in 48 hoursPBS NewsHour 1/24/2023


SUMMARY:  Less than 48 hours after a gunman’s rampage shook the sleepy Southern Californian city of Monterey Park, a mass shooting in Northern California left a second trail of devastation.  Officials said the gunman opened fire at a farm and another agricultural business near Half Moon Bay, a small coastal city outside of San Francisco.  Amna Nawaz reports.



"Latest wave of mass shootings sparks new debate over U.S. gun accessPBS NewsHour 1/25/2023


SUMMARY:  As Vice President Harris meets with the families of those killed in the Monterey Park shooting, many are grappling with the toll it is taking on their community.  For Asian Americans, this past week has been especially painful.  All 11 victims in Monterey Park were of Asian descent.  Gloria Pan of MomsRising and the AAPI Against Gun Violence Coalition joined John Yang to discuss gun access.



"How the trauma of mass shootings fundamentally change American communitiesPBS NewsHour 1/26/2023


SUMMARY:  This week's mass shootings in California, plus two others in just eight days, left 25 people dead and wounded 15 others.  They also left many people to cope with the trauma of these attacks.  Jennifer Carlson is studying the impact and aftermath of gun violence for the National Science Foundation.  She joined Geoff Bennett to discuss how these shootings fundamentally change communities.

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