Monday, May 16, 2022

UKRAINE - Putin's War This Week

"On Victory Day, Putin paints Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine as a response to the WestPBS NewsHour 5/9/2022


SUMMARY:  In Moscow and Kyiv on Monday, two countries at war fought over the meaning of what used to be the shared holiday of Victory Day, when Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet states celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany.  But instead this year, the Kremlin likened Ukrainians to Nazis and Ukrainians compared Russian actions to Nazi war crimes.  Nick Schifrin reports.



"As Ukraine regains territory near Kharkiv, Russia prepares for a more expansive warPBS NewsHour 5/10/2022


SUMMARY:  Ukraine announced on Tuesday that Russia is withdrawing some troops from the region around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city and a crucial base for the Ukrainian military.  The announcement comes after Ukrainian soldiers recently recaptured towns and as top U.S. intelligence officials told senators that President Putin was aiming for a longer, wider war.  Nick Schifrin reports.



"Ukrainian forces claim new gains as Sweden, Finland seek NATO membershipPBS NewsHour 5/11/2022


SUMMARY:  President Biden on Wednesday highlighted how the war in Ukraine is raising food prices globally as previously neutral countries increasingly seek to join the defensive umbrella of NATO.  This as Ukraine's counter-offensive around Kharkiv has pushed close to the Russian border, and as Russian missiles again struck Odessa in an effort to stop the flow of Western weapons.  Nick Schifrin reports.



"Ukraine’s religious community perseveres through the horrors of warPBS NewsHour 5/12/2022


SUMMARY:  We are just weeks past Easter, the holiest day of the Christian calendar.  For the 70 percent of Ukrainians who are orthodox, the day was freighted with extra meaning this year.  The Ukrainian Orthodox Church split from its Russian parent when Vladimir Putin first invaded Ukraine eight years ago, and now religion's role in the conflict is front and center.  Nick Schifrin reports.



"Finland pursues NATO membership as Russia vows retaliationPBS NewsHour 5/12/2022


SUMMARY:  Finland announced Thursday it would end its decades-long neutral status and seek to join NATO.  A formal declaration will be made Sunday, while Sweden is expected to follow suit next week.  Both nations have resisted joining NATO but were spurred by Russia's invasion of Ukraine to change course.  Eric Edelman, U.S. Ambassador to Finland during the Clinton administration, joins Amna Nawaz to discuss.

Correction:  After this interview, Eric Edelman reached out to clarify his statement about Finland's participation in the Ottawa Convention.  “Finland did join the Landmine Convention in 2011 (although the decision was very controversial).  Nevertheless, Finland has developed a 'self-propelled' landmine which they believe is permissible under the treaty's definition and which they would undoubtedly use in a conflict with Russia."



"War in Ukraine takes heavy toll on children and families who are being torn apartPBS NewsHour 5/13/2022


SUMMARY:  Nearly three months into this bloody war in Ukraine, much of the focus is now on the eastern Donbas.  But there is also a southern front, where Russia made early gains and occupied large areas of land.  The fighting continues in the Kherson region.  And as elsewhere, stuck in the middle are families struggling to stay united.  Nick Schifrin reports.

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