Monday, November 11, 2019

DNA DETECTIVES - Solving a 30-Year-Old Murder

"How at-home DNA tests helped solve this 30-year-old murder" PBS NewsHour 11/6/2019


SUMMARY:  In 2019, American law enforcement agencies have identified over 70 suspects using a new technique called genetic genealogy, which California detectives leveraged in 2018 to identify the Golden State Killer.  In the first of a two-part series, William Brangham shares the story of the first genetic genealogy case to go to trial — and how the science behind it solved a 32-year-old double murder.

"A father took an at-home DNA test.  His son was then falsely accused of murder" PBS NewsHour 11/7/2019


SUMMARY:  Genetic genealogy, the technique millions of people are using to learn about their family history, has now become a potent tool with which law enforcement can solve crimes.  But the method has major privacy implications that are prompting some critics to urge that we slow down in our adoption of it.  William Brangham shares a "cautionary tale" of how one person's DNA testing can have a wide impact.

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