Monday, August 12, 2019

EL PASO/DAYTON MASS SHOOTINGS - Brought to You by the GOP, #45, and the NRA (continued)

"El Paso shooting stuns tight-knit community that welcomes diversity" PBS NewsHour 8/5/2019


SUMMARY:  At least 22 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso on Saturday.  The alleged shooter referenced white supremacist ideology in a manifesto posted online shortly before the massacre.  Judy Woodruff talks to William Brangham, reporting from El Paso on why the violence is so “jarring” in a largely welcoming and harmonious community adjacent to the U.S. border with Mexico.

"After massacre, Dayton residents demand political action on guns" PBS NewsHour 8/5/2019


SUMMARY:  Less than 24 hours after a shooting massacre in El Paso, another nine people were gunned down in a busy nightlife area of Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday morning.  Police quickly killed the alleged gunman.  Judy Woodruff talks to Yamiche Alcindor, reporting from Dayton on how stunned residents are coping with the tragedy, what they think is causing the violence and the political change they want to see.

"Dayton’s mayor on her grieving community, gun control and Trump’s visit" PBS NewsHour 8/7/2019


SUMMARY:  On Wednesday, President Trump traveled to Dayton, Ohio, where a gunman killed nine people and wounded 26 early Sunday morning.  Ahead of his visit, Mayor Nan Whaley expressed concerns about the President’s previous rhetoric and said she hoped his visit would “add value” to the grieving community.  Whaley joins William Brangham to discuss what she told Trump about her stricken city and gun safety.

"Why El Paso residents felt ‘deeply divided’ about Trump’s visit" PBS NewsHour 8/7/2019


SUMMARY:  President Trump visited grieving El Paso Wednesday.  An “El Paso Strong” rally was held to coincide with his arrival -- and protest his rhetoric on race and immigration.  Judy Woodruff talks to Dan Bush, reporting from El Paso, about the mood in the “deeply divided” city, how residents felt about the President’s visit, Trump’s agenda while in town and what Sen. Ted Cruz [R-Tx] said on the somber occasion.

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