Monday, May 20, 2019

DRUG CARTELS - The Rx Cartel

"Conn. Attorney General calls generic drug makers a ‘private sector cartel’" PBS NewsHour 5/15/2019


SUMMARY:  Affordable health care is a persistent concern for Americans and a topic of great political debate.  Typically, generic prescription drugs offer a cheaper alternative to name brands, but a new multi-state [44] lawsuit alleges that their manufacturers have been artificially raising prices.  John Yang talks to William Tong, Attorney General of Connecticut, whose office has been leading the investigation.

"How generic drug makers are responding to price-fixing lawsuit" PBS NewsHour 5/15/2019


SUMMARY:  U.S. consumers often turn to generic versions of prescription drugs to keep costs down, but dozens of states are now suing manufacturers of these drugs, saying they illegally fixed prices and divided up market share.  Affected drugs include medicines used to treat everything from minor infections to HIV.  John Yang gets reaction from Chip Davis, CEO of the Association for Accessible Medicines.

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