Monday, April 22, 2019


"How Antarctica’s tourist boom could affect Earth’s ‘last great wilderness’" PBS NewsHour 4/17/2019

Personal comment on effects of tourism.  My late sister and brotherinlaw were big motor homers, and one of the first trips they took was to the Grand Canyon, which they re-visited many times.  The commented that the first time they went they just drove up, found a motor home parking and stayed for 3 days.  Later they found out that you had to make reservations, motor home or hotel, weeks in advance and traffic could be stop-and-go in the park.  The last visit they had to make reservations 3 months in advance.  With prosperity comes more people who could afford vacations to big attractions, which means more people crowding venues like the Grand Canyon.


SUMMARY:  Antarctica was the last of the seven continents to be discovered, and it wasn’t until the late 1950s that commercial tourism began there.  But now, Antarctica has become a popular travel destination, amid growing concerns about the effect that increasing numbers of people could have on its pristine environment.  William Brangham reports from Antarctica.

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