Monday, July 23, 2018

TRUMP AGENDA - Bad-Mouthing Allies

"Can Trump’s reversal soften damage of Helsinki comments?" PBS NewsHour 7/17/2018



SUMMARY:  Home from Helsinki, President Trump is backtracking on his comments from a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin after facing blistering, bipartisan critiques.  In damage-control mode, he read from a prepared statement and insisted he has "great" confidence in the intelligence community.  Judy Woodruff talks with the Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig.

"Putin driving a wedge between U.S. and allies, Hurd says" PBS NewsHour 7/17/2018


SUMMARY:  Texas (R) Rep. Will Hurd says he is convinced that the events in Helsinki were part of a disinformation campaign by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Hurd, a CIA veteran and one of the Republicans quick to distance themselves from President Trump amid fallout over the controversial meeting, tells Judy Woodruff that Congress needs to make sure it’s supporting the work of U.S. intelligence and allies.

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