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AMERICA - 'Concentration Camp' Immigration

aka The slow death of the American ideal and moral conscience and creation of Concentration Camps.

REFERENCE:  U.S. Asylum Law

"As outrage over family separation grows, Trump administration doubles down" PBS NewsHour 6/18/2018


SUMMARY:  National outcry over the separation of immigrant families at the U.S. Southern border grows with every new report.  Democratic lawmakers have joined protests, and Republicans are increasingly expressing their outrage.  On Monday, President Trump again falsely blamed Democrats for his administration's policy.  Yamiche Alcindor and Lisa Desjardins join Judy Woodruff for more.

"‘Unconscionable’ to put Border Patrol agents in position of separating families, former commissioner says" PBS NewsHour 6/18/2018

IMHO:  My problem with Border Patrol Agents is not their job, but HOW they do their job.  They are using the infamous Nuremberg Defense, "I was just following orders."


SUMMARY:  The former commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the nation's largest federal law enforcement agency, says it’s not only heartbreaking that migrant children are being torn away from their parents; he’s also worried about how it affects Border Patrol agents.  John Yang talks with Gil Kerlikowske.

"Trump makes abrupt about-face on family separation after intense pressure" PBS NewsHour 6/20/2018

REMINDER:  After saying he could not do this.


SUMMARY:  President Trump relented on the widely condemned practice of splitting up undocumented families on Wednesday, reversing his decision with the stroke of a pen while seeming openly conflicted about the decision.  Instead, his executive order would detain families together, as Congress scrambles to craft long-term fixes.  Lisa Desjardins reports.

"What asylum-seekers meet when they try to cross legally" PBS NewsHour 6/20/2018


SUMMARY:  U.S. officials have maintained that potential asylum-seekers entering at legal border crossings will not be prosecuted and will be processed in turn.  But the process isn't always that easy.  In a cross-border report from Juarez [Mexico] and El Paso [U.S.], Amna Nawaz follows a grandmother and granddaughter who are fleeing cartel violence.

"Toddlers separated from parents ‘eerily quiet’ or inconsolable at one migrant shelter" PBS NewsHour 6/20/2018


SUMMARY:  For days, the public has seen images of shelters for the more than 2,300 migrant children who have been separated from their parents by the Trump administration.  What do we know about the facilities and the conditions where toddlers and infants are being held?  John Yang talks with Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press and Dr. Colleen Kraft President of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Under contract centers = $Big-Money business.  Is that good?  Only if they are a non-profit.

"Migrants risk the dangerous trip to the U.S. because it’s safer than staying home" PBS NewsHour 6/18/2018


SUMMARY:  For migrants, many from Central America, the United States represents the opportunity for a better life, and sometimes the escape from mortal danger.  Nick Schifrin revisits some NewsHour stories of those who made the difficult decision to risk the treacherous journey, then learns more from Jason Marczak of the Atlantic Council.

"More than 2,300 children still separated from parents as GOP wrestles with immigration fix" PBS NewsHour 6/21/2018


SUMMARY:  President Trump's decision to sign an executive order stopping the separation of migrant families at the border met with mixed reactions.  Advocates are deeply concerned that the order ignores the families who have already been split up, and fear children and parents will never see each other again.  The legality of the order is also in question.  Lisa Desjardins joins Judy Woodruff for more.

"This judge hopes outrage over family separation is ‘last gasp’ of current immigration system" PBS NewsHour 6/21/2018


SUMMARY:  Judge Robert Brack of the U.S. District Court of New Mexico says he hopes the moral outrage over the separation of migrant families will be the catalyst to fix the immigration system.  Amna Nawaz sits down with Brack to discuss what he sees as broken, his own sentencing record and the heartbreak of deporting undocumented immigrants who have made lives in the U.S. for decades.

"Immigrant teens placed in Virginia detention facility say they were beaten while restrained, isolated for days" PBS NewsHour 6/21/2018


SUMMARY:  Claims of severe physical and psychological abuse of immigrant teenagers at a juvenile detention facility near Staunton, Virginia, has prompted Gov. Ralph Northam to launch an investigation, hours after they were reported by the Associated Press.  John Yang talks with the AP’s Michael Beisecker, one of the reporters who broke the story, about the troubling allegations and the child victims.

"Advocates say government gave no thought to reuniting children separated at the border" PBS NewsHour 6/22/2018


SUMMARY:  While hundreds of migrant children have reportedly been reunited with their parents after being forcibly separated, the complicated and chaotic situation raises doubt and fear for many.  John Yang talks with Wendy Young, President of Kids in Need of Defense, and Amna Nawaz, who updates the story of a grandmother and granddaughter who crossed legally to claim asylum, and were separated.

"Process of reunification ‘incredibly frustrating’ for immigrant families" PBS NewsHour 6/23/2018


SUMMARY:  President Trump’s executive order on Wednesday halts his policy of family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border, but 2,300 children have already been separated from their families since May.  Lawyers who are working frantically to track down the children now say that the administration has done little to help reunite families.  Washington Post’s Kevin Sieff joins Hari Sreenivasan for more.

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