Monday, May 21, 2018

UNIVERSITIES - As Portraits of Resilience Fighting Depression

"‘Portraits of Resilience’ destigmatize depression at one of the world’s top universities" (1 of 2) PBS NewsHour 5/14/2018


SUMMARY:  Students at MIT are now part of a project to give a face and voice to a growing crisis across U.S. campuses.  When a computer science professor noticed more and more students were coming to discuss their mental health issues, he turned to photography to bring the stigmatized problem of depression into the open.  Now that project is a book, “Portraits of Resilience.”  Jeffrey Brown reports.

"How students who struggle with mental illness can find help" (2 of 2) PBS NewsHour 5/15/2018


SUMMARY:  These three high-achieving students at one of the world's most prestigious universities have also suffered crippling depression and been through years of therapy and medication.  In the second part of his report, Jeffrey Brown hears how they got help with debilitating illness, then learns more about student mental health challenges and solutions from Alfiee Breland-Noble of Georgetown University.

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