Monday, March 05, 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE - Coffee and Sugar

"The ‘silent massacre’ killing El Salvador’s sugarcane workers" (Part 3) PBS NewsHour 2/28/2018


SUMMARY:  A mysterious, chronic kidney disease is wreaking havoc on farm workers in Central America, particularly those who harvest sugar.  Despite the risks, Salvadoran cane cutters continue the grueling work, pushed by economic troubles.  Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how some are trying to improve work conditions in El Salvador.

"The race to develop coffee that can survive climate change" (Part 4) PBS NewsHour 3/2/2018

NO!  This can't be happening, I need my morning 'joe!'  PANIC!


SUMMARY:  What has driven tens of thousands of Salvadorans to leave home, many for the U.S.?  El Salvador's coffee beans suffered a devastating disease five years ago, and now face an even greater existential threat, climate change.  Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how researchers there are trying to develop a plant that can adapt to warming global temperatures.

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