Monday, July 10, 2017

BEERS - What the Buzz is All About

"From the wing of a wasp, scientists discover a new beer-making yeast" PBS NewsHour 7/4/2017


SUMMARY:  If you enjoy a beer on a summer day, you can thank yeast, the microbes that ferment sugar into alcohol and give beer its character.  After innumerable generations of using just two types of yeast, a lab in North Carolina has discovered a new yeast that produces a variety of flavors, and it comes from the weirdest source, bees.  Science producer Nsikan Akpan reveals what the buzz is all about.


"New studies shed light on insecticide’s effect on bees, economic consequences of climate change" PBS NewsHour 7/5/2017


SUMMARY:  Neonicotinoids, the popular insecticide used in agriculture, can be harmful to bees, according to new papers.  Science correspondent Miles O’Brien joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss some important findings and analyses on that story, as well as a recent study that looked at the economic consequences of climate change.

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