Monday, March 20, 2017


"From Neil Gaiman, tales of Thor and Odin for modern ears" PBS NewsHour 3/17/2017


SUMMARY:  Famed fantasy writer Neil Gaiman read and absorbed the stories of the Norse gods when he was young.  In a new book, "Norse Mythology," he retells them for a new generation.  Gaiman sits down with Jeffrey Brown to discuss the importance of keeping the stories -- and the gods in them -- alive.

"How powerful stories can change the world for the better" PBS NewsHour 3/17/2017


SUMMARY:  Stories are weapons, for good or ill, says writer Derek Thompson.  Society is bound by the common stories we tell, whether it's about who we should trust and admire, or who we should fear and look down on.  Thompson, author of the recent book “Hit Makers: How Things Become Popular,” offers his humble opinion on the powerful stories we need to be passing on.

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