Monday, February 27, 2017

SYRIA - 'The White Helmets' Oscar Winning Documentary Short

"Out of Syria's devastation, 'The White Helmets' offer moments of hope" PBS NewsHour 2/23/2017


SUMMARY:  The daily destruction of Syria's civil war is at once shocking and now strangely familiar.  The Oscar-nominated documentary short “The White Helmets” aims to get beyond the numbness of the conflict by showing real first responders working to rescue victims from the ongoing assault on cities like Aleppo.  Jeffrey Brown talks with the film's director and producer.

ORLANDO VON EINSIEDEL, Director, “The White Helmets”:  What we found most extraordinary was who the rescue workers were, this group of everyday Syrian civilians who had decided not to pick up a gun, had decided not to leave Syria, and instead had decided to stay and every day risk their lives to save their fellow citizens.

And they’re builders, tailors, bakers, just normal people.  They’re truly real-life heroes.

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