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"‘Zero Days,’ a detective story about the cyber warfare arms race" PBS NewsHour 7/7/2016


SUMMARY:  “Zero Days,” a new documentary by Alex Gibney, lays out a sobering view of the rise of cyber warfare and its acceleration since intelligence agencies sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program.  Gibney sits down with Jeffrey Brown.

HARI SREENIVASAN (NewsHour):  A new documentary lays out a sobering view about the use of cyber-warfare, a future that’s accelerated since intelligence agencies sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program.

The film, called “Zero Days,” opens in more than a dozen cities tomorrow and will be available online.

Its director stopped by as part of the recent AFI Docs festival.

Jeffrey Brown has our conversation.

JEFFREY BROWN (NewsHour):  The 2010 cyber-attack on an Iranian nuclear facility dubbed Stuxnet, the first question was, what exactly was this sophisticated weapon, the second, who created and carried it out, and in the years since, many new questions have arisen about cyber-warfare and the new world we live in.

The documentary “Zero Days” pulls together what happened with Stuxnet and since.

Alex Gibney, Academy Award-winning documentary maker of numerous films, joins me now.

Welcome to you.

ALEX GIBNEY, Director, “Zero Days”:  Thank you.

JEFFREY BROWN:  Why was this a subject you wanted to tackle?

ALEX GIBNEY:  It seemed like it was a story that was about the Internet and the militarization of the Internet, but wasn’t properly understood.  And I certainly didn’t understand it, so it made me want to dig in.

Trailer Quotes:

  • "Get Ready to Get Very, Very Paranoid"
  • "Welcome to the Next Global War"

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