Friday, November 30, 2007

IRAQ - And the War Marches On

"Iraq Lacks Plan on the Return of Refugees, Military Says" by Michael R. Gordon & Stephen Farrell, New York Times


As Iraqi refugees begin to stream back to Baghdad, American military officials say the Iraqi government has yet to develop a plan to absorb the influx and prevent it from setting off a new round of sectarian violence.

The Iraqi government lacks a mechanism to settle property disputes if former residents return to Baghdad only to find their homes occupied, the officials said. Nor has the Iraqi government come forward with a detailed plan to provide aid, shelter and other essential services to the thousands of Iraqis who might return. American commanders caution that if the return is not carefully managed, there is a risk of undermining the recent security gains.

“All these guys coming back are probably going to find somebody else living in their house,” said Col. William Rapp, a senior aide to Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander in Iraq, speaking at a two-day military briefing on measuring military trends for a small group of American reporters in Baghdad.

“We have been asking, pleading with the government of Iraq, to come up with a policy so that it is not put upon our battalion commanders and the I.S.F. battalion commanders to figure it out on the ground,” he added, referring to the American and Iraqi security force commanders.

And our troops will spend another Christmas in-harm's-way, and dieing.

American's MAY be looking at a Korean-like commitment in Iraq. Do we really want this? Is America being in Iraq helping the "War on Terror" or helping Al-Qaeda?

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