Tuesday, March 07, 2017

OPINION - Health Care and Free Market Capitalism


My view on health care, especially the Affordable Care Act, is that it must be preserved.

It is a primary duty of any free democratic government to see that its citizens actually get health care.  And in our FreeMarket Captialistic economic system this means seeing that citizens can pay for health care.  After all, the political problem with heal care is cost.

Today's Republicans have a bankrupt, immoral and unethical stance on this issue:
  • They are hooked on their doctrine of anti-government.  Believing that even if the American people need good health care, it should not be government supported.
  • They are immoral/unethical because the behave as if money (the cost of anything) is much more important than the people's needs.  If it costs too much, they will not pay for it.
  • Congress has better heath insurance than most citizens.
The problem with health care will not be solved until there is a solution on how to pay for it. And in our economy there are only a few ways to do this:
  • Have the political will to pay what ever it costs under the present health care system.
  • Go to a single-payer system, Medicare for All purposed by Bernie Sanders.  Why, Medicare is the most efficient (cost effective) deliverer of health care.  It ensures health care at lower cost (bigger bang for out buck) than private for-profit health insurance.
  • Give all citizens the same health care insurance Congress has.
The reason for the high cost of heath care under ANY system is that it is provided through for for-profit health insurance, and these companies want to do whatever it takes to increase their bottom line.   This is why they came up with blocking customers with per-existing conditions.  Insurance companies (of all types) make more money if those paying for the insurance do NOT actually use it.  In health care, they want healthy people who will use health care insurance very little.

The bottom line is that Republicans DO NOT think your health is worth paying for, in other words, you are not worth the cost.

Think about that the next time you vote Republican or support ACA repeal.

USN Retired (22yrs), Vet Nam Vet

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