Friday, August 12, 2016


"Morning Report: Audit Confirms Gang Database Fears" by Seth Hall, Voice of San Diego 8/12/2016


An audit of a California database of people suspected of being gang members has confirmed some of its critics' worst fears.  It's full of erroneous information, unjustified listings, messy practices and conflicted administration.  Sara Libby reports that the database includes 42 individuals who were younger than one year of age and loose criteria for inclusion in the database that could implicate entire neighborhoods.  The audit was prompted by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber.

“I was not shocked at all,” Weber said of the audit's findings.  “My own son was threatened to be put on the gang list, and he hadn't done anything.”

Law enforcement officials have said that being listed in the CalGang database doesn't really mean anything, but it sure meant something for Aaron Harvey who was threatened with life in prison for appearing in Facebook photos with gang members suspected in a shooting.  Weber said the database could still be useful if managed better.

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