Tuesday, May 10, 2016

VIDEO OF THE DAY - Bashing 'Junk Studies'

The humorous view of  'Junk Studies'

This is way too funny!

SERIOUS NOTE:  "Studies" are NOT the same as hard science.  Hard science is a discipline that consists of:
  1. Noting something in the world that may need a further look
  2. Forming a Hypothesis (and UNTESTED idea)
  3. Forming a test or tests for your Hypothesis
  4. Running the test many, many times with repeatable positive results
  5. If the results of the many tests is positive, you publish a Theory (a TESTED Hypothesis)
  6. Other scientists read your Theory and can repeat the test with similar results
  7. Other scientists may come up with another test of Theory, and get positive results
  8. After a very long time, the Theory becomes accepted scientific fact (even though the title may still contain the word "Theory")
"Studies" are only statistical analysis of data.

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