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"Al-Shabab exploits Kenya's divisions to wage war" PBS NewsHour 4/8/2016


SUMMARY:  Kenya is the U.S.'s primary ally in the fight against east Africa's deadliest terror group.  Its long war against al-Shabaab has taken a heavy toll and there are fears that reprisals from Kenyan security forces against ethnic Somalis are only breeding more enemies.  Special correspondent Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin report in a collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  But, first, tonight we begin a series, "Inside Kenya."

The East African nation is the United States' primary ally in the region, and in the fight against the deadly terror group Al-Shabaab, based in Somalia.  Al-Shabaab attacks government and military institutions in Somalia, but it has also launched major attacks in neighboring Kenya.

Special correspondent Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin traveled extensively throughout Northeastern Kenya, along the Somali border.

Tonight, with the help of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, we start our series with a look at how Al-Shabaab is targeting Kenya, and how Kenya is fighting back.

And a warning:  The story contains images some viewers may find disturbing.

NICK SCHIFRIN (NewsHour):  On Kenya's front line against Al-Shabaab, police on patrol are armed like soldiers.  They search traditional straw houses, checking I.D.s at the barrel of a gun.

JULIUS KIRAGU, Kenyan Army (through interpreter):  The main threat here is the Al-Shabaab.  That is terrorism, because they are associated with al-Qaida, and you know what al-Qaidas are.

NICK SCHIFRIN:  Officer Julius Kiragu heads Kenya's administrative police in Wajir, only 70 miles from the Somali border.  Every night, they search for smuggled weapons and hiding fighters.

JULIUS KIRAGU:  They pretend they are selling milk and all these things, but they are waiting for the appropriate time to strike.

NICK SCHIFRIN:  Most of his officers are ethnic Somali, like the majority of the local population.  Some officers wear civilian clothing and ride around in unmarked cars.  They work with local tribal chiefs, like Zein Abdulla.

What kinds of weapons have you found here?

ZEIN ABDULLA, Tribal Chief:  There were guns.  There were grenades.  There were ammunitions and such things.

NICK SCHIFRIN:  So, Shabaab has supporters even here?

ZEIN ABDULLA:  So, they have representatives at least in every district.

NICK SCHIFRIN:  Al-Shabaab has waged a decade-long war in Somalia.  In 2011, Kenya invaded Somalia, in a campaign called Protect the Country.

Emmanuel Chirchir was the face of the campaign in Somalia, and on Twitter.

"How Al-Shabab is recruiting young men from Kenya" PBS NewsHour 4/10/2016


SUMMARY:  Al-Shabab, an Al Qaeda-linked militant group based in Somalia responsible for a shopping mall attack in Kenya that killed 67 in 2013, is enlisting more recruits from Kenya than any other country.  In the second part of the NewsHour series “Inside Kenya,” young men talk about why they joined.

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