Monday, October 26, 2015

LOVE - Rebar, Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah:

As I traveled home I heard word my old girl Rebar was fading fast

I read in the newspaper that morning how a new quantum mechanics study proved entangled particles react simultaneously no matter the distance

Rebar was born crooked but that was OK with me
She lived a long life she had two beautiful babies
She was a natural and loving mother
and she nurtured many orphans after her babies grew up
This last year she had a best friend named Smitty he was a retired old guy, a big beautiful bay gelding
He shared Rebar's last meal with her, senior feed, alfalfa and carrots which I carefully bit into small enough bites for their old teeth
Smitty whimpered audibly, when after her meal, Rebar lay down in the tall grass in their pasture
I laid down with her while the sunset faded caressing and kissing her
Until she relaxed and eventually took her last breath
While I was laying in the grass crying and saying my goodbyes their caretaker, Buffy, took Smitty to his corral where he normally slept next to Rebar
I heard him screaming and stomping
I didn't realize he wasn't still in the pasture
I got up and we quickly returned him to the pasture realizing he needed closure
By now it was dark, the half-moon hanging low in the sky
We turned him loose into the pasture and he galloped wildly, hooves pounding so hard he flung off his shoes. He was screaming, not whinnying, but screaming for Rebar
We took the blanket off of Rebar so that he could see her and led him to where she lay
he instantly calmed
Put his nose to her nose
Then stood there over her Guarding her the rest of the night without moving

We are entangled in Love

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