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OPINION - Shields and Brooks 8/7/2015

"Shields and Brooks on GOP debate standouts, Schumer’s Iran deal rejection" PBS NewsHour 8/7/2015


SUMMARY:  Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week’s news, including the first Republican presidential debate, whether Vice President Joe Biden is considering a 2016 run and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s announcement that he won’t support the Iran nuclear deal.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  He’s (Trump) not a real candidate?

DAVID BROOKS, New York Times:  No.  He doesn’t have an ideology.  He doesn’t have a belief system.

He has himself.  And they went after him, the three excellent moderators.  And he defended himself and I think he did fine.  Probably 70 percent of Republicans disapprove of him.  A lot of the things he said were astonishingly inappropriate, that he wouldn’t support the Republican Party nominee.  That’s kind of a big one.  He likes single-payer health system.  That’s the first Republican that sort of likes that.

He is outside of all the categories, but he is a lord of self-esteem.  And his main message is society is filled with losers, and they happen to be running it, and society has some winners who are being ignored.  And if you’re a winner like me, we got to get rid of those losers.

And that’s an ideology that is not a political ideology.  It is a narcissistic ideology.  But I suspect the 20 percent who like him will continue to like him and like him even more.  And so he will be hanging around there.

Among the real candidates, I thought Rubio did quite well.  Carly Fiorina in the underdebate card did quite well.  And John Kasich did quite well.  And so I think those three helped themselves and they actually are viable candidates and make us rethink the race.

JUDY WOODRUFF:  How do you size it up, Mark?

MARK SHIELDS, Syndicated columnist:  I don’t know where to agree and where — no.


MARK SHIELDS:  I agree.  Donald Trump fills up the hall.  There were 24 million people who watched.  That’s more people than had ever watched a cable event, other than a sports event.

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Huge numbers.

MARK SHIELDS:  And this was a sports event.  (IMHO, a boxing event)

Donald Trump indicated right at the outset he is going to run as Donald Trump.  And I thought it was an indication of the magic he has established, the chemistry he has with Republican voters, that the only person on the stage, candidate who would even take a shot at him was Rand Paul.

All the others ducked him, John Kasich included, Jeb Bush included, when given opportunities.  Who went after him?  The three FOX moderators, who were tough.  They really did.  And I really think he made a serious mistake by going, retaliating, attacking Megyn Kelly.  First of all…

JUDY WOODRUFF:  When she asked him about his comments about women.

MARK SHIELDS:  Asked him about women, his misogynist comments.

First of all, FOX News is the validator, it’s the gatekeeper for Republican, particularly conservative voters.  And you don’t go after — it is not like you’re attacking Chuck Todd or Judy Woodruff or some of the liberal elite establishment.  You’re attacking the mother church when you go after FOX.

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Well, let’s make a distinction here, please.  I’m not part of the liberal media.

MARK SHIELDS:  No, but I’m talking about by the definition of conservative America, where FOX really is the gatekeeper — I think you would agree, the gatekeeper and the validator.

And when he went after her, I think he made a serious mistake.  I thought, as far as the others were concerned…

JUDY WOODRUFF:  You don’t think he helped himself?

MARK SHIELDS:  I think he hurt himself.  I really do.

He’s a combination quite unlike anything I have ever seen before.  I agree partially with David that it is sort of egotism and cynicism.  Everybody is transactional.  You believe nothing.  Why do you give money to Democrats?  You give money to Democrats because you are going to give them a call and they’re going to do what you want.

Everything.  There’s no ideal.  John Kennedy said he was an idealist without illusions.  Donald Trump is a cynic without illusions.  Nothing is on the level.  You go into bankruptcy four times.  You screw the investors.  Hey, that’s the way it’s done now.

I just — I thought he came across really, by having taken on FOX News, and particularly Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, and particularly Megyn Kelly, I think he made a mistake.

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