Thursday, October 02, 2014

SAN DIEGO ZOO - The Bite Club

"Ken and Dixie’s Bite Club" by Jenn Beening, San Diego Zoo Blog 9/4/2014

An African lion’s life is typically all about sleeping, napping and resting… but that isn’t necessarily true for the Safari Park’s Lion Camp rock stars.  Ken and Dixie managed to start a secret Bite Club in their spare time.  Keep reading for the official rules.

The 1st rule of Bite Club is, you don’t talk about Bite Club.

The 2nd rule is, you DO NOT talk about Bite Club.

A few practice chomps or chews are permitted before the bite begins.

Stalking your bite is optional.

If a cub taps out or keepers call for lunch, the bite is over.

Two cubs to a bite.

No paws, no cheap shots.

Bites will go on as long as they have to.

No enrichment or outside items.


If this is your first time at Bite Club, you have to bite.

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